Teens Yoga Flow

Who'd have thought that yoga could include great music, jumping and dancing around with lots of laughs! At Grow Yoga we like to have FUN and lots of it!

Following this terms Yoga course at Hayes Secondary School, I am delighted to let you know that we have some great opportunities for you to enjoy.

Coming up:

Teens Yoga Flow Classe

Mother & Daughter Classes

We are also very excited to be offering Teens Yoga Active days out throughout the Summer. This will include some lively Dynamic Yoga combined with active pursuits such as Go Ape or Rock Climbing.

Teenagers experience a huge change in body and mind over a short couple of years. This change can very often leave teenagers feeling confused and self-conscious. Teens Yoga Flow is designed to combat the hormones and bring harmony to body and mind. An opportunity for teenagers to understand their bodies and coping mechanisms through these tumultuous years. To introduce yoga during the teenage years will set a healthy intention for years to come. What better time to start. Take action